Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Frankenstien Monster

Like building the very gallows intended to hang others we are put to death by the very sword that we draw. The twentieth century is only the beginning of what is to come. Somehow we have built up and created mass destruction that cannot be chained. Eventually it will be unleashed. The subtlety of it or shall I use the term crafty. As in the beginning we hide ourselves with leafs made with our own hands. We honor those who entertain the flesh. By all means we fall asleep instead of praying. When we are convinced that a little of something cannot harm us than we are acting a fool, and by all means we are not fools. I believe that when we were given dominion over all the animals. Animals have to depend on their environment, we are caretakers of the vineyard. If we begin to poison the soil nothing will grow and the animals will die. It is up to us to plant what is right. The harvest should be a time of rejoicing, not pestilence and hunger. Why is it the dessert can go without rain? I gather it's not needed when there is no soil ground.

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